Miyano BNA-42S2/DHY2


The BNA-42S2 enables back machining with its 2 spindles and 1 turret and combines a high level of basic perfor- mance with convenience of use.

The BNA-42DHY2 achieves further shortening of cycle times by adding a compact sub-turret to provide superimposition machin- ing and other forms of simultaneous machining.

Sub-spindle Enables Complete Machining

Revolving-toolsThe S model delivers increased versatility with the provision of a sub-spindle for pick-off and back machining. Multiple tool holders enable the use of many tools for unrivalled flexibility in a bar turning machine of this compact size.

All BNA models incorporate the latest control technology for reduced non-cutting time and improved productivity.

Cutline:Back machining using tools installed in a triple sleeve holder.

Y-axis Function and Sub-turret

The combination of the Y-axis function incorporated in the main turret (HD1) and the compact 6-station sub-turret (HD2) can achieve further reductions in machining time through overlap processing and other forms of machining performed simultaneously on the main and sub spindles.

Inspiring Tooling Possibilities

Revolving tools with rotational speeds of up to 5,000 min-1 can be mounted at all positions (8 positions) with independent drive. The range of machining possibilities is broadened by the ability to use multi-tool holders including triple and quad turning holders, quad sleeve holders and quad driven tool holders.


• 1 5/8″ ∅ Bar Capacity
• up to 4″ long parts
• Equipped with a 5″ 3-saw check for conventional CNC turning applications
• Equipped with a LNS automatic bar loader